About us


We’re privileged to live and work in the beautiful, historic and busy areas of Leamington & Southam. Industry in our area is diverse and everyone has different needs, we’re sympathetic to that and want to serve you in the best way we can.

Local Recruit is exactly that; we want to provide businesses suitable candidates who live locally to their employers. 

For businesses, we’ll listen to your requirements and only provide you perfectly suitable candidates. If there is an occasion we can’t do that, we’ll be honest and let you know. For candidates, we’ll learn what you want for your employment and find a role in harmony with those desires.

We don’t specialise in a particular sector, having experience in many industries and areas, we can help with a huge variety of needs.

We’d love to meet you to discuss who or what you’re looking for, but equally happy to receive your specifications over the phone or via remote meetings. You can be assured we only offer a  professional, discrete service treating every business and candidate with an individual approach.

Local Recruit is backed by an established national recruitment agency, who have more than 15 years experience and expertise in recruitment.





About Me


Hello I’m Gary Mortimer, I was born in Warneford Hospital, Leamington and have been a Warwickshire resident my entire life, I currently live in Southam, so you can tell I have a vested interest in the local area. 

I’ve also been employed by local companies, I’ve worked in the print manufacturing, pre-press digital departments, graphic design and the software industry. I started up a promotions print company and owned my own local magazine for eighteen months, advertising many of the districts businesses.

My aim is to match candidates in my neighbourhood with the required skills to prospective employers, of course helping others gain employment is a reward in itself, but add in the bonus of finding a local resident that can expertly fulfil a role, and there are massive gains. The employee will save on expenses and time and feel happier in their position, feeling a stronger connection to their employer, as they live in the same area.

This is a new venture for me and I’m incredibly enthusiastic to help the districts businesses and residents. I’ve extensively researched and trained with regards to recruitment and I have the confidence of support from my backing company, TemplePM.  

I’m married with 3 children, who represent local teams and participate in the communities events and organisations. We have a preference for using local businesses and I also have family ties in the area.



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